[stænd] (past tense and past participle stood [stʊd] ) verb I
1) to have your body in an upright position supported by your feet
The train was full and we had to stand all the way to Edinburgh.[/ex]
Stand still (= don't move) and let me brush your hair.[/ex]
Mrs Carter was standing by the open window.[/ex]
The man standing behind him spoke.[/ex]
He stood looking at them in silence.[/ex]
The children stood and watched.[/ex]
2) [I] to move from lying, sitting, or bending down into an upright position
Everyone stood as the judge entered the court.[/ex]
3) [I/T] to put someone or something in an upright position, or to be in an upright position
Stand the bookcase against the far wall.[/ex]
His statue stands in the city square.[/ex]
4) [I] to put your foot on or in something
He apologized for standing on my foot.[/ex]
I just stood in something disgusting.[/ex]
5) [I] to be a particular height
The structure stands 40 metres high.[/ex]
6) [I] to be in a particular situation or state
How do negotiations stand at the moment?[/ex]
As it stands, the law doesn't allow local government to take such action.[/ex]
He might seem rude, but at least you know where you stand with him (= understand your position).[/ex]
7) [I] if a car, train, plane etc stands somewhere, it remains there without moving, waiting to be used
Luckily, the train was still standing at the platform.[/ex]
8) [I] to reach a particular level or amount
The total amount of money raised so far stands at over £3000.[/ex]
9) [I] to remain in existence or use
Her world record has stood for nearly 20 years.[/ex]
Tell him my offer still stands.[/ex]
10) [T] to be willing to accept something that is unpleasant
How can you stand all that noise?[/ex]
I won't stand them interrupting me all the time.[/ex]
11) [I] to have a particular attitude or view about a person or subject
Where does the Prime Minister stand on this issue?[/ex]
12) [T] to be good or strong enough not to be badly affected or damaged by something
These are plants that do not stand the cold well.[/ex]
I wonder how many of these new businesses will stand the test of time.[/ex]
13) [I] British
to take part in an election as a CANDIDATE (= someone who people vote for)
She's not intending to stand at the next election.[/ex]
She is intending to stand for parliament.[/ex]
He'll be standing as the candidate for Falkirk West.[/ex]
14) [T] to perform a particular job or service
Two men were standing guard over the prisoners.[/ex]
15) [T] informal old-fashioned
to buy food or drink for someone
I'll stand you a cup of coffee if you've no money.[/ex]
sb can't stand sb/sth — used for saying that a person dislikes someone or something very much[/ex]
[i]James just can't stand his mother-in-law.[/ex]
Sylvia couldn't stand the sight of blood.[/ex]
can't stand doing sth I can't stand waiting for buses.[/ex]
can't stand sb doing sth He couldn't stand anyone feeling sorry for him.[/ex]
can't stand to do sth She couldn't stand to see him leave.[/ex]
sb could stand sth — used for saying that you think that someone should do something because it would be a good thing[/ex]
Those kids could stand a few lessons in good manners.[/ex]
sb could stand to do sth He could stand to lose a bit of weight.[/ex]
it stands to reason (that) — used for saying that something is obvious because it is what most sensible people would expect[/ex]
If they don't like you, it stands to reason they won't give you the job.[/ex]
stand accused of sth — to be the person who has been formally accused in a court of law of committing a crime[/ex]
stand a chance (of doing sth) — to be likely to achieve something[/ex]
Do they stand any chance of winning against France?[/ex]
stand in sb's way — to try to stop someone from doing something[/ex]
stand in the way of sth — to try to prevent something from happening[/ex]
stand on your own two feet — to behave in an independent way, especially by not asking for financial help from anyone[/ex]
stand to do sth — to be in a particular situation or state that makes something likely to happen to you[/ex]
Many small companies stand to lose financially if the new law is introduced.[/ex]
stand trial (for sth) — to be judged for a crime in a court of law[/ex]
ground I,
- stand around
- stand aside
- stand back
- stand by
- stand by sb
- stand by sth
- stand down
- stand for sth
- stand in
- stand out
- stand up
- stand sb up
- stand up for sb/sth
- stand up to sb
stand */*/[stænd]
1) [C] an attitude or opinion about something that you state publicly
I couldn't vote for them because of their stand on social issues.[/ex]
The president has not taken a stand on this.[/ex]
2) [C] a determined attempt to oppose someone or something that you think is wrong
support for their stand against racism[/ex]
The Prime Minister must take a firm stand against extremists in his party.[/ex]
3) [C] a large table or structure that is used for selling things or for providing information or services
a hot-dog stand[/ex]
the Porsche stand at the Paris show[/ex]
4) [C] an object or a piece of furniture that is used for holding, supporting, or storing something
a cake stand[/ex]
an umbrella stand[/ex]
5) [C] a part of a sports STADIUM where people sit or stand in order to watch a match or event
6) [singular] American
the part of a court of law where people stand in order to answer lawyers' questions
one-night stand

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